Meet Wayland’s Brands

Kiwi Logo


Kiwi is a brand for new and light users that explains cannabis concepts in a straightforward way, helping users learn about cannabis without condescension or confusing jargon. Kiwi’s products are equally simple, grouping strains under memorable product names that allow users to choose how they want to feel of analyzing terpenes and genetic profiles. This brand will make cannabis easy and accessible for a whole new type of cannabis user. Coming Soon.

Maricann Logo


Maricann is Wayland’s medical cannabis brand, built on years of experience in the medical cannabis industry. Marcann offers Cannatonic Black Berry and CB Diesel in flower form, and three types of iCann oil. Maricann strives to be on the cutting edge of medical cannabis innovation, and provides best-in-class customer service to its medical patients. Available now at